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I’ve been providing massage therapy to my caregiver and baby boomer clients since 2001, and I’ve realized one thing: I’m different from the typical spa massage. My clients experience a holistic approach with my “wholeness” philosophy that extends beyond their massage session. Not only is providing preventative and restorative massage therapy a passion of mine for my clients’ overall health and wellness, but I provide daily updates on well-being through my Facebook page, I offer stretches for my clients to stay in tip-top muscle shape between our sessions, and I utilize my wide network to connect my clients with other community services they may need.


To make an appointment with Carol, please contact her at (585) 317-8179.

It is my goal to provide every client with a unique and individual experience using mindful touch to promote well being of the body and mind.  Whether you have a specific fitness plan, an injury to recover from, or are simply looking for a healthy way to relax and manage stress, True Therapeutic Massage can help. 

In order to meet your specific short- and long-term goals I customize each massage session with respect to time, areas addressed, techniques incorporated and more. Recent injuries usually require a lighter touch, while chronic pain issues may need more intensive work. I understand the importance of listening carefully both before and during a massage to ensure that the work is in your personal comfort level while still meeting your treatment goals.   

You will never be rushed during or after your session to make room for the next client. Ample time will be allowed for your body to rest and fully absorb all of the benefits of any work done, much like a cool down after a workout.  


To make an appointment with Jennifer, please contact her at (585) 508-0980.

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